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Гибриды питонов Morelia


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Morelia Hybrids Part 2: Carpondros
источник : thesnakeboss.wordpress.com

27MondayJan 2014

Carpet Python, Morelia, Python, Pythons, Reptiles, Snake, Snakes

A very popular hybrid mix on the pet trade is the Carpondro. This is the result of mixing a carpet python to a green tree python. This mix has yeilded some absolutely stunning animals. The more common carpets being used are the Jungle, Coastal, Irian Jaya, and recently seen my first diamond to green tree hybrid. I wont cover the Diamond to green tree mix since I have not collected any information on them at this time.

When you cross carpets to green trees the first notable difference is the color variations. When combining these two species it throws in patterns and colors from both parents. What makes this so cool is that Green tree pythons change colors through out their lives so throwing in patterns and colors not normally registered in the green tree genetic makeup. The patterns and colors are never the same with each hatchling, well from the groups I have seen, each baby is unique and as they have matured the it continues along this path. In the final color phase the snakes are ultimately green but now they will some black, brown, yellow and when jaguar genes are thrown in it gets more extreme. Words alone can’t truely describe how awesome, random, and unique each carpondro is.

The main purpose of these hybrid blots is to focus on pet ownership more then anything else, so lets focus on that. Many carpet pythons are hardy snakes and are great pets, while green tree pythons are not a begginer snake and have many more demands to their habitat then a carpet python would require. Green tree pythons require a place to hang so an overhead lamp is a must. Green Tree pythons have different humidity and temperate requirements then a carpet python requires so mixing the two species has shown some crazy changes to everything you need to make both species individually happy in captivity.

The first thing this species needs is caging fit for a green tree python. They will want to hang around more then carpet pythons but need a hiding spot on ground level as well. Carpondros will require more floor space then a green tree would but the main thing is a place to hang. The Jagcondro that is in my care stays in a 75 gal with a lot of climbing surfaces to regulate temp and 2 floor hides.

This hybrid has given some issues when it comes to humidity. Some of them don’t require much while others follow their green tree parent. With hybrids I guess there are no guarantees on what traits do what. I have found do to caging, humidity and handling issues that green trees were not for beginners, so carpondros are even more so because you never know what the snake will require.

The next observation was temperament of these hybrids. I want to start off by saying any reptile can bit and many young reptiles can start off as aggressive but the normally tame out. That being said I have had the privilege of working observing, handling, and caring for a few different carpondros and jagpondros. I was bitten on a daily bases and two of those times on the nose only as a result of moving in time to not get bitten near my eyes. This was while checking for mites which I kept thinking I saw but never found. When it comes to temperament this hybrid has shown to be very nippy while young but tamed down with handling. On the other hand the Jagpondros(coastal carpet python to green tree python where the jaguar gene is visable) has been the hardest snake I have had the pleasure to attempt to tame. The jagpondro I have is named jaws and is now 2 years old and any sign of movement he snaps at. He isn’t hungry because he lets ho fast. This hybrid does have an amazing feeding response and some make better display pets but nothing a more experienced herper should shy away from.

The next observance was size. Depending on which carpet python you mix the green tree with. If the carpet used was an IJ then expect something around 6ft long. If its is mixed with a jungle carpet expect 6 to 7 ft long. Now if use a coastal carpet as the base carpet I have been seeing a large variation in sizes. I have seen from 6ft to 10ft and waiting for info and pic on a 15ft mix. This coastal gene keeps them large even if you continue to increase the percentage of green tree blood. With Morelia mixes don’t expect a size because they never follow what you are going to expect.

Carpondros are, to me, the most beautiful hybrid currently on the market. With bright colors, unique patterns, and awesome build, you get everything you could want in a display animal. If you handle them often they become the coolest pet you have. Something only you will have, one of a kind colors and patterns. Like owning a snow flake that bites and eats rodents.

Enjoy and more coming soon